Wednesday, January 14, 2009



Sasha said...

Hey Harsh,

I dunno If u remember me, we met at life drawing, i was a fundies student when you were in 4th year (Sasha red head....we talked for a bit)anyway...didn't know you had a have some cool stuff up here. k...jus wanted to drop a line to say hi...don't be a stranger;)

take care


Felipe said...

nice one Harsh, some nice 3D acting there.

Anonymous said...

Hey harjiwan... Not sure if you remember me. jimmy. you showed me this site a few years ago. These drawings and animations are amazing man!!!!

Harjiwan Bhamra said...

Hey Guys Thanks! I've been away from my BLOG for along time and finally Updating it! Sasha and Jimmy i cant remember your Guys faces BUT thanks alot if you guys have blog LINK me up. I would like to know how you guys have been and to see how you've guys improve in art wise. Thanks Felipe, i'll be checking you out as well.